Cambridge Folk Festival

Britons passionate in music is what you must know when you try to understand England or when you study there. Also, that obsessive passion helped the UK produced many world music elites.

In the UK, you can find all popular music genres in the world, from pop, rock, classical, folk, jazz or opera. Street music is also a popular beauty often found in the town, the ancient city in the UK.

Cambridge Folk Festival

The music festival is a very popular event in the UK. There are hundreds of music festivals are held in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that the students have to study British conditions can participate. Some events take place in the city; others take place in the countryside, in the summer and allow the participants camping.

One of the largest music festival bearing deep music of England is Cambridge Folk.

This festival is usually held in the Cherry Hinton in Cambridge (UK) and was first held in 1965. It has become one of the leading music events in Europe and is one of the long carnival year, the world’s most famous.

Listening to folk musicians from leading UK and Ireland. Music Section of the music festival is very rich, from bluegrass (a branch of country music), gospel, cajun (musical symbol of Louisiana), Zydeco (combination of cajun, blues and R & B), jazz, world, klezmer (a musical genre of the Jews) and Ceilidh (Gaelic folk music).


  • You can phone to the host and book your tickets online. To be sure that the tickets are distributed equally, one person could be able to book only a maximum of 6 adult tickets for 6 people for the full festival or just one of the festival days. All tickets are sent to you and ensured to be sent to the right person. Moreover, please be announced that the tickets would not be exchanged, resold or re-pay anymore after you have bought.
  • About the price, if you are an adult, you have to pay an amount of £159, the person aged from 18 – 21 have to pay £125 while this price for the children is just £44.50. Moreover, if you are the Cambridge City resident, the price for one ticket is £133. All of this price is for the whole festival days during it happens. For only one of the days of the festival, the price is £26.50 for the Thursday, £57.50 for the Friday and £67.50 for the Saturday and Sunday.

2. How to get Cambridge

One of the biggest problem when travel there is the traffic jam. Normally, you have to travel directly to the car park. Depending on how far you are from the Cambridge, there are many kinds of transportation for you to choose to get there such as car, campervan, bus, air, train, coach.

  • You could be able to travel to Cambridge and get to the London Stansted airport. From this airport, you can catch a train or a bus to get there.
  • If you travel by car, please note that you could be able to park your car at the Blue Car Park with the Blue route. In Cherry Hinton Hall, there is nowhere in which you can park your car and you have to walk about 15 minutes from the car park to Cherry Hinton Hall Campsite. You should note that the tickets also include the fee for parking, so you do not have to pay money anymore.
  • One more thing to remember with someone who travels by car, you are not encouraged to park your car on the roads because you may have to pay the fee.
  • From the bus station, you have to walk about 45 minutes or 35 minutes from the train station.

There are also some programs about the souvenir and food that can please your shopping pleasure when you are there. Interestingly, coming with the festival, you could buy a CD that includes all of the songs and music played in this festival

How To Choose A Headphone Monitor

Studio monitor is one of the most important and outstanding devices in any kind of studio. From a small one to a bigger studio, you have to think about how to choose and use a studio monitor appropriately in is best way. If you are looking for a studio monitor that could satisfy you most, you should look carefully at some of the best studio monitors review before making the decision of choosing any type of studio monitor that is most suitable for you. Studio monitor is often used in a studio, however, we can use the other equipment that is much smaller at any other places by a headphone monitor that have almost the same use compared with the studio monitor. This is also an essential element included in the studio and it contributes to success of the studio as well as the success of the songs recorded.

A headphone monitor has become an indispensable equipment that records the songs in a professional recording studio or just a small studio at home. Not only for the studio but anywhere and it is becoming popular in today’s youth life. However, choosing a good quality headset for your own that is suitable for you to use in a wide range of place is not simple at all. Forget the cheap headphone monitor and ignore errors in the selection disturbed at hearing tested negative. It comes to many kinds of headphones over there, you should look at all of these and choose one that is best for you. This article would help you to get a general idea in selecting one best headphone monitor.

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Lawn Mowers: How To Choose?

With the right model, mow the lawn certainly becomes a faster-shipped chore. We help you make the right choice.

Electric, petrol, battery or hand?

Electric mowers start easily, require little maintenance, are quieter and less expensive than gasoline models. By cons, they are benefited by the absence of thread, a larger cutting width and the fact that they are often propelled. Electric mowers are more suitable for small gardens without trees, ponds, flower beds and other obstacles. To great gardens, a motor mower becomes essential. The battery models offer the same advantages of electric mowers but do not linger cable behind. However, shearing capacity is dependent on cell, and they are more expensive. Hand mowers are cheap, environmentally friendly and easy to handle, but you have to push yourself. You can also entrust mowing your lawn to a robot. There are two types of robots: automatic and non-automatic mowers. With the first, you must define the area to be mowed with an electric cable and you can set your mower when it returns itself to its base to recharge. A non-automatic lawn mower can not be configured. This worked until depletion of its battery. It is your responsibility to plug into a power outlet for charging.

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How to Choose The Best Digital Piano for Beginners

Digital pianos have made many advances in recent years in their portability, reasonable cost and some advance features that are more developed than an acoustic piano. According to musical experts, digital pianos are ideal options for beginners. How to choose a perfect one for beginners, however, is a daunting task due to the fact that there are too many different brands and models of digital piano available in the market  that may make you confused.

In another way, there is a long list of specific requirements you should keep in mind when purchasing a digital piano suitable for learners. Here we share some guidelines to help you pick out the best one.

The first thing you should do is picturing your ideal digital piano in your mind.The more specific you sketch it,the closer you get the right one. We list out here some basic things you should mention when considering purchasing a digital piano:

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Rhythm and routine for your baby

The birth of a child brings many changes. The fact that parents are responsible for a baby is used to. Conversely, the baby has to get used to his new surroundings. In addition to the advice you get from the clinic, we want to offer suggestions these details for this new situation.

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10 tips to help adjust the strings of acoustic guitar for beginners

For those who learn to sing are also on the first day of play, then the guitar line up is the thing to be most interested in. Besides owning a guitar, depending on each person, the electric guitar players will find a best electric guitar for himself, who pursued acoustic music will find their own best acoustic guitar for beginners. You can refer to our website for a lot of information at a reputable site. Here are 10 tips when guitar cord up that you need to read through. Hope this info helps somewhat for the new player. Maybe, for the first time, you will find some trouble, but do not worry, everyone also run into it.

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Which Double Din Head Unit Is The Best

When searching for a stereo head unit, it is very important that you can point out and prioritize the features that you are looking for in a head unit. Doing that not only helps you narrow down the options, but also save you money as you won’t have to spend extra money on the features that you don’t need. This is because not everyone wants and need to use the same functions.

Below are the 5 best Double Din head units that we suggest you take a look at. Maybe you will find yourself a good unit at the price you are most comfortable with.

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The Construction And Function Of Drum Bass

Drum bass is one of very most important part of the drum set that creates the bass sound for the rhythm. A typical drum set created by one bass drum, one snare drum, two tom-toms, one hi-hat cymbal, one ride cymbal and one cymbal crash. All are held by the shells are made of metal. The metal shells and cymbals, the racks and auxiliary audio clip to keep the small percussion instruments. These screws are used on each side of the drum to keep the membrane into crates.

Bass drum is usually the largest drum in the drum kit and is manufactured to produce vocal bass, the deepest. It is enabled by the 1-foot pedal tone with beating results. The foot pedal will smash hit in the center of the bass drum surface. Bass drum diameter ranges from 46 to 66cm (i.e. 18-26inc), its depth is between 36 and 46cm (14-18inc). Depending on the diameter of which people choose the appropriate depth so that the standard bass one.

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